FORMER AGENT: I Loved The Border Patrol—But Biden Destroyed It. What Now?
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I have a love-hate relationship with the Border Patrol, where I worked for more than 20 years. I love the stories from the old Border Patrol. The funny stories that the Agents talk about in private over a beer, or at a pachanga. The time some Agents got ahold of some PVC pipe and banged nails in it to make a makeshift spike strip and used it to spike a vehicle … in Mexico. They hopped the fence and then hopped it back. Only, the next day, the Mexicans tried to use it to spike a Border Patrol vehicle. The supervisor to whom it happened wrote up an intelligence report on Mexicans trying to spike our vehicles—not realizing some entrepreneurial Agents had used it first!

But those days are gone. I still have friends I respect there, but I hate what it has become today.

Under the Biden Regime, the Border Patrol’s mission has been perverted and no longer serves its purpose: to control the borders of the United States. Instead, it is now a humanitarian organization charged with escorting illegal aliens into the country, a glorified concierge service for our Great Replacers. readers know this, of course, but I can tell you that it wasn’t always like that. Agents were corrupt, but not the entire agency. Agents have devolved from being feared enforcers of the law, the “Mean Green,” to cutting barbed wire to let illegals in. Where they once enforced the law, they now undermine it.

Here’s another memory from the old Border Patrol: one night an agent was pursuing a minivan packed with illegals. He chased them into a construction zone, where the minivan plowed into a large mound of dirt. Worried they might be injured, the agent instead found them packed so tightly they served as their own restraints, their own airbags. They all turned out OK, no serious injuries.

On a more serious note, I recall the time a trainee single-handedly apprehended nearly 90 illegals in one night.

His journeyman agent didn’t want to deal with a trainee, so his boss left him a couple hundred yards away from the station in a washout. He wasn’t there long when about seven illegals crossed the border. As they descended into the ravine, the trainee figured the first guy in the group was likely the guide, so he brained him with the butt of his handgun and got the rest of the group seated. He called his journeyman for transport, but the journeyman ignored him.

Another ten illegal then began down the ravine, so again he smashed the leader in the head and got that group seated.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there,” the journeyman said when the trainee called for help. He probably thought his trainee was just a little scared.

Another group came. Again, the agent did what he did before. The trainee could see the Border Patrol station’s lights, but no one came to help. “I’d been in the Army. I wasn’t going to die out there,” he told me.

Still more groups kept coming and he conked more guides over the head. He wound up with 86 or so aliens before the journeyman finally showed up.

That senior agent was a little freaked out to discover that he had ignored a fellow agent who needed help.

An agent who served as an air observer in a helicopter told me the pilot circled aliens in the desert to blow sand and herd them into a circle so ground agents could pick them up. If an alien ran away, he would land the helicopter on top of him. The pilot did this more than once.

Now, however, consider just a few of items for which Biden and his immigrant Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, should be impeached:

All this is done with the help not only of DHS but also U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Border Patrol’s parent agency, and of course, the Border Patrol itself.

As the Border Patrol Union recently posted on Twitter: “Biden is intentionally flooding the country with millions of illegal aliens. The vast majority will be subject to deportation because of fraudulent ‘asylum’ claims. They have no legal basis to remain here”:

They continue:

Leftists and their Antifa punks will ”peacefully protest” when a new admin takes over and has the audacity to actually enforce our laws. There will be riots, violence and massive damage. And the MSM will deflect your attention and downplay it all, just as they’ve done for nearly three years now with our lawless disaster zone that used to be a “border.”

This is the historic, chaotic mess that the dumpster fire known as the Biden Admin will leave in its wake for others to clean up.

Called the National Border Patrol Council, the union routinely attacks Biden and “lying scoundrel” Mayorkas, also an unindicted visa fraudster.

Alas, that hasn’t stopped agents from helping the Regime break the law, as a few people noted in the thread below that Twitter post:


Of course, this was always a problem. At the Border Patrol Academy, I was told I would never get into trouble if I let an illegal get away. Some agents took that advice cynically. Tracking illegals unsuccessfully by trying to use foot sign, I heard an agent say, “We have to let a few get away. That’s job security.”

But that seems to be Border Patrol’s main job today. Except that agents have let way more than a few get away. They’ve escorted an entire nation’s worth of people into the United States.

The Border Patrol better hope the American people don’t wise up because they may decide that a branch of the military or an entirely new agency must be formed.

Personally, I don’t necessarily believe that the Border Patrol should be disbanded. But I do believe it must be overhauled massively when the opportunity arises, if it is ever to serve its intended purpose again.

Some suggest moving the Border Patrol to the Department of Defense. But our Woke, Brandonized military features drag queens as ambassadors, a girl called Lisa Chief of Naval Operations, and a black man paranoid about whites as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It may not be the way to go, either.

Perhaps a better idea: disbanding the “Department of Homeland Security”—a massive failure by any measure even under POTUS 45 Donald Trump—and permitting U.S. Customs and Border Protection to function independently.

Those of us who want to close our borders, including the northern border, which is now under siege, must realize we must fight not only RINOs, Democrats, and Globalists NGOs, but also a federal bureaucracy that won’t change its ways.

The author [Email him] is retired from the Border Patrol.

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