Merry Christmas From!
Print Friendly and PDF Editor Peter Brimelow writes: In recent years, I’ve illustrated our Christmas greetings to our readers with encouraging pictures of my citizen children posterity. But this year, I want to show that we are absolutely ready to defend immigration patriotism and the Historic American Nation from behind our castle walls in Berkeley Springs WV, with the aid of the dragon that has become a tradition here.

I want to thank our wonderful donors who have made this possible, and our wonderful readers. Together you are the hope of America, and the of West.

Lydia and I toast you in the video below (you can see a framed picture of Rosa Pelham Suit, the young bride for whom the castle was built in 1885), and I read out these kind words from the great Patrick J. Buchanan as our 20th anniversary year draws to a close:

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Editor Peter Brimelow, wife Lydia, and the staff at on the 20th birthday of the website that has worked so tirelessly and bravely to alert the country we love to the perils of uncontrolled mass migration.  

All the best, Pat Buchanan

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