The Fulford File | Alt Right Speech Is A Crime, Leftist Physical Attacks Are "Protests"
Print Friendly and PDF editor Peter Brimelow just wrote about his experience with the recent NPI conference in Washington D.C.:

A point generally suppressed in the MSM reports: the relentless weekend-long attack on the NPI conference by an organized “Anti-Fascist” Leftist gang–always described euphemistically as “protestors.” They intimidated two restaurants into cancelling the Friday night dinner and, when a third was found, actually invaded it and sprayed participants, including Spencer, with some fecal-smelling liquid. They besieged the Reagan Center, which NPI is forced to use because as a federal facility it is compelled to honor the First Amendment, obscenely harassed conference attendees regardless of age or sex, and assaulted at least one of them, bloodying his face.

The D.C. police offered only perfunctory protection. I see no report that anyone has been arrested, or that the two briefly detained after the assault were charged, or even that the gang’s leadership is being questioned, despite flaunting its presence on the internet.

This has been going on for long time. the-news-twisters-efron-edithA few years ago, I wrote about the Main Stream Media double standard—first noted by the late Edith Efron [1922-2001] in The News Twisters, [PDF] in 1971—in which the MSM reported conservative protests as if they were attacks, and physical attacks on conservatives as if they were protests.

Efron studied the news coverage of the 1968 campaign, and discovered a bias against Nixon and for Humphrey. (Nixon was elected anyway—Pat Buchanan was there with him.)

But the real bias was against George Wallace, former governor of Alabama, running on a Third Party ticket.

Blue collar white Democrats liked Wallace, especially in the South, and the reporters hated that. So, noted Efron, they reported constantly about violence at Wallace rallies. Older people, like Hugh McInnish, will remember this. Younger people, who've been watching the MSM in the Age of Trump, will experience a shock of recognition [See As Black Rioters Shut Down Trump Rally, CNN Blames The Victim.]

Efron wrote

As the campaign progressed and Wallace's support rose, the reporters.... reported incessantly on physical assaults on Wallace by mobs. And they never named the assaulters politically or ideologically, although there are repeated references to "college students" and "black militants."

She quotes Theodore H. White, in The Making of the President 1968 saying the same thing—that

The media, trying to document the Wallace campaign in words and pictures, began to spread the image of a man not mastering disorder in the nation but provoking it where he went.

White quoted headlines like

"Tennessee Mob Beats Boy Who Sassed Wallace"; "Wallace Was Target for Bomb"; "Hecklers Throw Eggs, Apple Core at Wallace in Oshkosh"; "Clashes Mar Wallace Rally in Detroit"; "Wallace Shakes the Garden"; "Police Club Leftists after Wallace Rally"; "Fights Break Out as Hecklers Disrupt Wallace Rally in Texas."

Click to enlargeEfron wrote:

If the newspaper stories elaborated on the details of these clashes that broke out at Wallace rallies, network TV's stories did not. Indeed network coverage of Wallace gradually came to consist largely of these "headlines"—"headlines" which, like those quoted by White, reported most often on provocations of and attacks on Wallace and Wallace followers, who frequently fought back—with the resultant violence attributed to the candidate.[Right, page 59 of The News Twisters PDF]

An NBC reporter was voicing the media "party line" when he referred to "the violence that has become the signature of the Wallace campaign." The selective technique of increasingly giving air time to Wallace enemies and of focusing on the fights that broke out as the politically unidentified "hecklers" continuously disrupted his rallies, was dubious journalistic practice.

Later, after years of MSM demonization, Wallace was actually shot by a man called Arthur Bremer.

Trump, whose rallies have suffered from exactly the same kind of coordinated attacks—by the grandchildren of original "college students" and "black militants"— hasn't actually been shot yet, But there was at least one attempt on his life.

There have also been rioters surrounding his home—the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Sorry, did I say rioters? I must mean "protesters", because that's what the news reports call them. And the Communist Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, shows no sign of trying to stop them [De Blasio doesn’t care how Trump Tower traffic affects retailers, By Rich Calder and Danika Fears, New York Post, November 16, 2016].

In Little Green Footballs, The SPLC, Persecution Politics…And Real Persecution, I covered a disdainful Leftist who insisted that rightwingers had delusions of persecution. Not only did he stop in the middle to persecute us, but he ignored the fact that we are actually persecuted, not only by ostracism and job loss, but by actual physical attacks.

For example, Ann Coulter has to have a bodyguard when she speaks, but has been attacked by students throwing pies anyhow. Glenn Beck has to wear a bullet-proof vest and carry a gun. Congressman Tom Tancredo used to wear a bullet-proof vest, too—he spoke out against illegal immigration and got many threats as a result.

If you're on the fringe right, you can expect "Antifascists" to act like actual Fascists and attack you with metal batons—see my  Tinley Park Attack: Anarcho-Tyranny In America, and note the story about an earlier, essentially unpunished attack on fringe historian David Irving.

Both attacks happened at private meetings in Chicago-area restaurants. The fact that the first didn't put anyone in jail may have inspired the second.

It's the fact that attacks by minority or Leftist mobs have the tacit support of the MSM and the government that makes them so dangerous.

I've compared  this “community organizer” style rioting to the turbas divinas of the 1980s Sandinistas of Nicaragua.

Ron Radosh,  who went from Communism to neoconservative anti-communism (and was most recently seen attacking Steve Bannon) wrote that

in 1989, Mayor  Ed Koch of New York City made me one of his group of New York citizens who went with him to the entire Central American region, to investigate what could be done to end civil war and institute democracy. One of the things we personally observed was the calling out by the Sandinistas of government organized mobs, called turbas, or "divine mobs," to terrorize, rough up, and throttle any would-be emerging  opposition. We witnessed these mobs brought in trucks to surround the offices of Violetta Chamorro's opposition newspaper, La Prensa, which the regime had shut down and which announced they would reopen their presses anyway.

The Sandinistas still Tyrannize Nicaragua: Does Anyone Care?,  November 20, 2008

The point is that the Sandinistas were trying to escape responsibility for the attacks by using angry mobs, rather than government troops.  Here are some more examples in America, sometimes done by "community organizer" illegal alien mobs, sometimes organized by the actual government.

When white university students make symbolic protests—like the fellows who strewed cotton balls in front of Black Culture Center at the University of Missouri or the guy who hung a noose around a statue of Civil Rights icon James Meredith—they are not infrequently sent to jail.

When a serious police investigation into chalk graffiti found that the people who had chalked up the N-word on some buildings at Ole Miss were actually black, it gets treated by the college administration as a prank [ Ole Miss Officials: Black Students Behind Racist Graffiti, Students Say It Was Prank On Acquaintances,The Jackson Channel,  December 12, 2002].

But while these are "crimes", the rioting and physical attacks remain "protests".

In the Obama era—what we can now call the pre-Trump era—the worst case of these unpunished, Government sanctioned mobs have been the Black Lives Matter mobs.

When George Zimmerman was victimized by prosecutors in Sanford, Florida, Obama was saying “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” and the Justice Department was sending community organizers to Sanford to gin up mobs to protest Zimmerman.

When Ferguson burned as the result of Michael Brown’s failed attack on Darren Wilson and the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie, Obama and Eric Holder sent the Justice Department to attack…the Ferguson Police.

And when Baltimore was burning as a result of the apparently accidental death of Freddie Gray, Obama sent a White House aide—a black White House aide—to attend the funeral of a drug dealer who had been arrested for carrying an illegal knife.

If Trump can put an end to this kind of behavior, he’ll win in a walkover in 2020.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for

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