UNION JACKAL: [5 ITEMS]: Welshmen Fight Great Replacement; Gambian Not Deportable Because He Needs Medication; Lampedusan “Migrants“ Heading For England; Pundit: England Should Accept ONLY Women And Children; Yes, A “Hurricane“ Of Illegal Aliens Has Deluged Britain
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Fighting the Great Replacement Works; Welshmen Block Horde Destined for Hotel

The Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli, Wales was one of many co-opted by the U.K. Government to house illegal aliens. But the government has scrapped the plan thanks to protests from angry Welshmen:

Controversial plans to house asylum seekers in a hotel in west Wales have been dropped by the Home Office.

The Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli was due to house up to 241 people, a move that was opposed by the council and led to protests being held outside the building.

Carmarthenshire County Council said the Home Office has sent it written confirmation that the plan has been scrapped after the authority highlighted to the Government its concerns over rising community tensions.

[Controversial asylum hotel plan dropped, by Rod Minchin, Evening Standard, October 10, 2023]

I cannot remember the oft-cited phrase “rising community tensions” being used in the Leftist MSM other than in the context of offended blacks and ever-angry Muslims. Media reports note that “the plan has been scrapped after the [local] authority highlighted to the Government its concerns.” Or maybe ordinary people who voiced their displeasure actually thwarted the Home Office.

Protesters, including the elderly, camped outside the hotel for weeks in all weather and blocked access to would-be arrivals. They were harassed by the police, of course, who were doubtless also on the lookout for anyone “misgendering” an “LGBTQ+.”

This will certainly worry the Ruling Class more than the optics of its immigration policy. If ordinary white, working-class people start getting their way, what might be next?


Gambian Schizo Rapist Can’t Be Deported Because He Needs His Meds

Gambian Joachim Cardos arrived in Britain in 2007 on a visitor’s visa that expired in 2008. He moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he showed business enterprise by setting up as a cannabis dealer. Three years later in October, a young lady went to his flat to buy some weed, and Cardos raped her at knifepoint when she refused his advances.

In 2012, Cardos was jailed for eight years. On his release in 2019, a judge ordered him deported, in keeping with British law. But alas, Cardos had a way to stay in the country. Diagnosed as a schizophrenic when he was in prison, he filed a human rights appeal to avoid deportation. He claimed his schizophrenic medication might be unavailable Gambia:

The Home Office offered to give him enough medicine to last three months, plus £1,250 [about $1,540] to buy further supplies. He refused the offer and tribunal judges ruled that sending him back to Gambia would potentially breach his human rights.

They said there was “a real risk that he will experience genuine difficulties in the Gambia in being able to access a regular supply of his necessary medications,” adding: ”There is a real risk of at least social isolation and stigmatisation.”

Gambian rapist, 43, who arrived in the UK illegally before attacking a woman at knifepoint CANNOT be deported after arguing he might not be given proper medical treatment in his home country, by Ashlie Macanally, Daily Mail/Scottish Mail, October 7, 2023

In connection with Cardos and deportations, Britons are realizing that “migrants” and human traffickers aren’t the only players in the illegal-alien invasion. Lawyers who use The European Convention on Human Rights to stop deportations are part of the problem [‘What a result!’: The human rights ‘leftie lawyers’ celebrating after Priti Patel raged at them for grounding Jamaica-bound deportation flight—meaning two rapists and a murderer among 23 criminals still in UK, by Dan Sales, Daily Mail, December 3, 2020].

As with “journalists” in the Leftist MSM, the legal profession is a busy hive of Leftist political activists. The difference is that MSM political activists can only suggest and approve of a ruinous immigration policy. Lawyers can actually either get one passed, or litigate to stop enforcement.

You must have to have a very elastic sense of what is right and wrong to be an immigration lawyer. The amygdala has been suggested as the seat of conscience but, for our friends in the legal profession, it is as vestigial as the coccyx or the appendix.


Occupied Lampedusa a Stop on the Way to England, Europe

Illegal aliens crossing the English Channel are increasingly setting foot on European soil for the first time on Italy’s tiny Lampedusa. Almost midway between Tunisia and mainland Italy, 18,000 illegal aliens have swamped the island recently, some 15,500 in five days last month. Bad as that invasion is for the Lampedusans, they might be lucky. Their island isn’t the “migrants”’ destination. Another one is: England. Or the illegals hope to invade other nations.

Before that, however, Lampedusans are stuck with feeding them and providing medical care, resources the island simply doesn’t have.

Here is Mayor Filippo Mannino 10 months ago when he predicted a deluge of 180,000 by year’s end:

We are sea-faring people, we are welcoming, we know that everyone must be rescued at sea, but we don’t have the resources here to deal with [the ”migrants”]. The municipality has 15 employees and half of them work to solve the hotspot’s issues and problems on a daily basis.

Lampedusa ‘open’ but ‘lacks resources,’ mayor, ANSA, Infomigrants.net, January 16, 2023

In September, Deputy Mayor Attilio Lucia offered this:

The message that has to get through is that Europe has to wake up because the European Union has been absent for 20 years. Today we give this signal: Lampedusa says ”enough,” Lampedusans have been suffering for 20 years and we are psychologically destroyed.

Lampedusa: ‘Operational emergency,’ not ‘migration crisis,’ by Priyanka Shankar, DW.com, September 16, 2023

The illegals are not processed on the island. That happens when they are transferred to Sicily, although La Cosa Nostra hasn’t let us know what they think about the new arrivals [Ten years after tragedy, tiny Lampedusa at centre of migration crisis again, by Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian, September 20, 2023]. Those who wish to proceed to England will still be documented at this point and unable to travel across Europe without a passport. Once in dinghies crossing the English Channel, however, they discard their identification documents. If the Channel were dredged, tens of thousands of passports and phones would fill the nets.

Getting across Europe, however, might not be as easy as it was because the European Union nations aren’t exactly showing solidarity. France and Germany began sealing their Italian borders as the numbers arriving on Lampedusa swelled [France seals border with Italy as record number of migrants arrive in Lampedusa, ANSA, Infomigrants.net, September 14, 2023].

But sealing their border is not the only way Germany has found to rile neighboring Italy. Prime Minister Georgia Meloni wrote to German Chancellor Olaf Schultz to register her “astonishment” at discovering that Germany was funding non-governmental organizations operating boats in the Mediterranean to bring migrants safely to Lampedusa [Germany to disburse funds to migrant charities amid spat with Rome, Reuters, September 29, 2023].

Europeans might squabble over the ever-increasing hordes coming out of Africa, but they will eventually be Great Britain’s problem.


Pundit: England Should Accept Women and Child “Migrants" Only

As every British media pundit tries their luck on how to solve the illegal immigration problem, another suggestion has surfaced. A commentator for GB News (Patrick Christys [Tweet him]) has suggested allowing only illegal-alien women and children to enter the country.

Of course, some adults or near adults already pose as “unaccompanied minors” to cross an international border, but you can bet that if Great Britain restricts entry to women and children, men will soon start identifying as women. Already, many illegals claim to be homosexual and fleeing persecution from “homophobic” Muslim failed states. Ahmed isn’t going to like wearing a dress much, but he’ll get used to it to get into England.

The political class does not want many women and children coming to the U.K., and for good reason. They don’t cause as much destabilizing, anarcho-tyrannical chaos as the men. But women and children can’t and won’t trek from their own hellholes and across Europe without men. They couldn’t. Women (and children) are weaker, less resilient, and less physically capable than men, despite what advertising tells you.

So, by all means bar all immigrants except women and children. You’ll soon see bearded ladies along with the deep-voiced children.


Suella Braverman Is Right. It’s an “Invasion,“ and in Fact, a "Hurricane" of Illegals

Leftists are waging their war for the Great Replacement partly on the battlefield of language. Thus were the Mainstream Media’s speech police on the scene when Home Secretary Suella Braverman, during a speech at the recent Conservative Party Conference, colorfully described the illegal-alien invasion.

Braverman had previously called the recent wave of illegal aliens “invasion,” which certainly ruffles Treason Lobby feathers. This time, she called it a “hurricane” [Suella Braverman warns of ‘hurricane’ of immigration in fiery speech, by David Lynch, Evening Standard, October 3, 2023].

The immigration part of her speech was writer Lynch’s lead, even though she also bashed woke ideology, and a “proud” conservative was hauled out of the meeting for shouting at her because she made the party “look transphobic and homophobic.” Note also that Lynch omitted Braverman’s full quote, and instead put hurricane in scare quotes and paraphrased the rest of the remark.

Fussing over words takes up a disproportionate amount of MSM attention, using up what used to be called “column inches,” and helps to divert public attention away from the scale of the invasion.

Calling immigration a “hurricane” may be an awkward metaphor, but it is an invasion. An invasion is not only an incursion by land. Anglophones also talk of an “invasion of privacy,” and that is also what this uncontrolled immigration is. Sovereignty means nothing if a nation cannot decide who can enter its territory or, to put it plainly, invade its privacy.


Mark Gullick [Email him] has a PhD in philosophy. Originally from London, he has relocated to Costa Rica. He has also written for TakiMagNew English Review, Counter Currents (including a monthly UNION JACKAL column on general political and cultural topics), Standpoint and The Brazen Head.

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