Article By John Derbyshire on 03/01/2024

JOHN DERBYSHIRE: America’s Law Problem—Does It Mean A Wave Of Squatters?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] Mr. Bumble, the beadle in Dickens’ Oliver Twist was present when his wife sold stolen goods. He therefore shared responsibil...
Radio derb By John Derbyshire on 03/01/2024

Radio Derb: American Law—All Too Alterable, Geopolitics 2024, Un-PC MARY POPPINS, And Where To Put The Gazans?, Etc

03:16  America's law problem.  (Criminal Division.) 09:15  The law favors squatters.  (Civil Division.) 15:03  All too alterable.  (A coming crisis.) 19:00  The times they are a-changin'.  (Geopolitic...
Post By James Fulford on 03/01/2024

Laken Riley, Venezuelan Rapists, Per Capita Crime Rates, And Hispanic "Identities"

A woman named Laken Riley was apparently killed by a Venezuelan illegal named Jose Antonio Ibarra in Athens, GA, while she was out jogging, like Iowa’s Mollie Tibbetts in 2018. The assumption is that h...
Post By Patrick Cleburne on 03/01/2024

UK’s DAILY MAIL Carries Fine, Cogent Trump Op-Ed On Biden’s Immivasion Betrayal. But Why Not NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, Or WASHINGTON POST?

America’s Newspaper of Political Record—the UK’s Daily Mail—has posted a first-class op-ed by Donald Trump: ’Joe Biden created this illegal migrant invasion—and only I can stop it’: As BOTH 2024 frontr...
Video by VDARE TV on 02/21/2024

What Is The Cost Of Illegal Immigration?

In Massachusetts, taxpayers are expected to cover over $1 billion worth of expenses—including public education, in-state tuition, housing, healthcare, and three meals a day for illegals. ❗ i...
Video by VDARE TV on 02/17/2024

Will NYAG James LOOT TRUMP For His Real-Estate? | VDARE Video Bulletin

I$ There More To Letitia Jame$’s Trump Attack Than Third World Thuggery?Read more:
Video by Virginia Dare on 02/02/2024

Biden Regime Bribes Mexico To Get Migrants Off The News

The gross excesses of the Biden Administration's open borders policy have stirred deep resentment all over. It's the salience of the immigration issue as a top concern nationwide. Biden is bribing Mexi...