A Chinese Reader Says Whites Are In "A Death Phase"
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From:  Zou Zemin

I have visited your site, and understand your affirmations. However, you don't quite understand the predicament the white race is in. There is a life phase, and death phase. The time we live in today, is the final chapter of the white race. I admire the achievements of your race, but am befuddled by it as well.

I am from Taiwan, and have lived in many other countries, as well. In Taiwan, problems of race are unknown. In Europe, and wherever whites live, there exists racial problems. Whites, as a whole, have seemed to have lost the ability to maintain a civilized society. This inability of your race to properly govern a nation has been increasingly apparent since the defeat of Germany, in 1945.

My guess is, the influence, and military power, of whites will continue to decline. There seems no interest on the part of white governments to help strengthen their nation, but only bank accounts. That is something else I have noticed amongst your people. A high percentage of men who betray the interests of their nation for gain of self.

China is ascending to the world throne, so to speak, and I don't believe there is anything Whites, or anyother, can do to prevent it. The white man, as it were, had his opportunity.

April 12, 2001

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