A Conservative Reader Says Conservatives States Need To Push Back, Via The 10th Amendment, And Take Back Their Rights
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Re: James Fulford’s National Divorce—Or State Divorce? Immigration Has Made One Or The Other Inevitable

From: A Conservative Reader [Email him]

James Fulford writes that

The genius of federalism is that State Divorce could make National Divorce less necessary.

The reason we need a divorce is because Federalism only works if states have real autonomy. Currently our Federal government has taken over things that it has no constitutional right to do. Having smaller and more politically homogeneous states would not change that.

I prefer a version of what has been suggested many times by Daniel Horowitz, namely that conservative states simply push back, via the 10th Amendment, and force these issues by taking back their rights.

See if a new administration is willing to go to war as Lincoln did. I don’t think they would, but it would put everything in very clear perspective.

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