A Military Reader Suggests The Rise Of Black-On-White Hate Crimes Can Be Traced To The Obama Administration
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From: ”Spirit Of The Fighting 69th” [Email him]

After Obama was elected I predicted “open season on whitey” and so it has been.

This is just the latest example:

Shocking moment 63-year-old man is brutally attacked inside Florida movie theater after asking couple to move out of his pre-booked VIP seat, Daily Mail Online, July 20, 2023

In D.C. black drivers became more aggressive toward Virginia plates, assuming Virginia drivers were white. They would cut drivers off, weave in and out of traffic at high speeds and otherwise drive recklessly. The tell-tale sign of a D.C. driver is a dented car, even new vehicles.

Whenever there’s a shooting or other crime it’s safe to assume a member of our minority community is the perpetrator, guns if black, knives if Hispanic. The nightly news always has a story of black crime, and often black victims.

Race isn’t mentioned, but neighborhoods are making it easy to tell, that and the made-up “African” names. 

James Fulford writes: The video at the link shows the victim is white, and so is the attacker’s girlfriend/accomplice. The reader is right that what John Derbyshire has called ”Onomastic Diversity” [January 20, 2003] is frequently a clue to the suspect’s race, but many African names are no longer made up, but represent genuine African immigrants—or children of immigrants, like former President Obama.


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