A Reader In Queens, N.Y. Updates Us On New York’s Migrant Influx
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s NYC Mayor Adams Has Migrant Crisis “Solution”: Attack Living Standards Of N.Y. Working Class

From: A Reader in Queens [Email her]

Here’s what’s going on with New York’s migrant crisis since my last letter [A Reader In Queens, N.Y. Describes The Struggle To Resist “Refugee“ Plantation]: Overall, the total count of migrants is either 104,000 or 107,000, depending on who you talk to. They are spread out all over the city, starting with the shelters, then hotels, and now in respite centers that are opening up in old schools, such as Saint Agnes here in College Point, Queens (part of a Republican district) and now another in Staten Island (also Republican) at Saint John Villa Academy. In the latter case, two attorneys filed suit to have the migrants removed, but a court overruled them just two days ago and the migrants were allowed to return to the facility. The influx of illegals into the city, especially in the few Republican areas, is even more catastrophic, as our completely insane city council passed a law in February allowing those permitted to work to vote in Municipal Elections. The ineffective mayor didn’t sign or veto the bill, so 30 days later, it’s the law! This is an enormous blow, as it was only two years ago that five Republicans managed to get elected to the New York City Council, an increase from the previous term.

Onto the schools. It’s estimated that 18,000 children will be entering the public schools, but this figure includes local children already in the shelter system, and does NOT include migrants yet to register. That’s nearly a 2% increase from last year’s total number of students. As if the sheer numbers were not enough to upset the academic plan, this influx will also include plenty who cannot speak English, and schools had struggled to meet the previous influx of non-English speakers earlier this year. One can assume that the vaccinations of the incoming 2% are not up to date, and we aren’t just talking COVID! Quite the risk to pose to local children who were forcibly vaccinated for COVID just two years ago. Masks did not protect against COVID, but maybe they will protect against one of the diseases that is sure to be introduced come September 7th.

Of course, all of this can be averted  secbyuring the border. To whom would New York City offer sanctuary if there were no illegals? The funny thing is, New York State Governor, Kathy Hochul, has been declaring a perpetual state of emergency in response to this crisis since May, and just renewed it two days ago. The only way she can get federal funding is of course with President Biden’s approval, which he has withheld for a year now. It is curious to see Democrats out of step with one another, but the speculation as to why shall have to wait another day.


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