A Talk Radio Listener Says Stanford Shoutdown Students And Faculty Are Ugly—And Probably Affirmative Action Cases. Is That Why They're Leftist?
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Re: Lance Welton’s Why Are Woke Leftists So Ugly?

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The Stanford shoutdown students and faculty who attacked Judge Kyle Duncan are ugly. Is that the reason they’re leftists?

There must be a strong relationship between physical appearance and political beliefs, since so many leftists are ugly. Just look at any Antifa mugshot. They may turn to the radical left to get back at society for rejecting them throughout their lives.

Maybe Steve Sailer has written about this effect.

From U.S. News & World Report, it is clear that Stanford Law School and Yale Law School receive so many applications for very few places, 150 and 200 per class respectively, that it would easily be possible to fill each class with students with credentials equivalent to or better than the top quarter of admittees. However, three-fourths of each class consists of students who would not have been admitted on merit.

If the entire class were admitted solely on academic merit, there would be few, if any blacks, a handful of Hispanics, probably fewer Asians, since there is no math on the LSAT, a lot more whites, and few, if any, of the Antifa types observed in the Stanford and Yale disruption videos and photos. The faculty also would be quite different if hiring were based exclusively on merit. Diversity employees like the Stanford and Yale Deans would be somewhere else.

James Fulford writes: Steve has written a lot about Antifa mugshots (Do Antifa Tend To Be Quite Ugly?) but more serious work has been done by Lance Welton, who wrote Why Are Woke Leftists So Ugly?, noting that

A study published in 2017 in Politics and the Life Sciences found that, controlling for socioeconomic status, white people rated as more attractive in an American sample were more likely to be “conservative” and “Republican.” The less attractive were more likely to be “liberal” and “Democrat” [Effects of physical attractiveness on political beliefs, by Rolfe Daus Peterson and Carl L Palmer, Fall 2017].

 That’s science, the pictures below are ”anecdotal.”

Dean of Students Jean Merino [Email her], left, who, according to the College FIx, told students upset by the incident that they could reach out to DEI Dean Tirien Steinbach [Email her], right, who actually lectured Judge Duncan during the incident.




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