A Virginian Reader Proposes Local Political Action To Make Virginia Virginian Again
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Re: Gun Control And Demographics: Immigrants Vote Against American Gun Rights

From: A Virginian Reader [Email him]

I just read Jack Dalton's article about Virginia.  I live in the Richmond area and am flabbergasted by the speed in which my home has changed.  Were  I to run for office, my goals would focus around making Virginia Virginian again.  

I am having trouble thinking up policy on a local and state level that would help move in that direction. Tax incentives that prioritize the hiring of natives and punish the hiring of foreigners?  Revoking business licenses for those that knowingly hire illegals?  If you know any resources that would help enlighten me, I would be grateful.  I’ve spent too long reading Mises and Rothbard and not enough nationalist writings.


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