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A Reader Says Asset Forfeiture Would End Illegal Immigration; Peter Brimelow Comments


I really must very strongly protest the way in which my letter to VDARE.COM was very SELECTIVELY presented in James Fulford's reply. (The Wall Street Journal And The Arab On The Airplane)

In my letter, I (honestly) pointed out that American Jews bear the taint of Communist espionage, and that that American blacks have an extremely high rate of criminality, but I similarly suggested that VDARE.COM supporters may have the equivalent baggage of the "racialist" KKK murderers who constitute their ideological fellow-travelers.  This point may be controversial, not least to VDARE.COM readers, but I would argue that it is as unfortunately true as the previous ones.  The missing paragraphs:

But now things get perhaps somewhat less favorable for VDARE.COM supporters. Public opinion polls generally show that Americans regard KKKers, neo-Nazis, and such as among the vilest and worst monsters, whose crimes should be shown no mercy whatsoever by our government.  Now it so happens that virtually all criminal KKKers, etc. who commit vile murders also happen to exhibit "racialist" views.  So, although I suspect that 99.99% of Americans who exhibit "racialist" views do not commit vile murders, presumably all such "racialists" should be profiled on general principles and treated accordingly, e.g. barred from responsible jobs, strip-searched at airports or even banned from flying altogether, or perhaps simply interned as a preventative measure. 

But look on the bright side.  Once everyone who has ever written for VDARE.COM has been interned in prison as fitting the "profile" of a KKK murderer, we'll no longer need the crude medium of the Internet to continue our endless discussions on the validity of profiling. 

VDARE.COM replies: we think the internet is cool, actually.

January 17, 2002

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