13 Non-Whites Killed By Minneapolis Police—And Justine Damond, Not Black, Indigenous...Or A Threat
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Earlier, by Steve Sailer: Shocking News: Minneapolis Cops: "Stopped, Searched, Arrested, Ticketed, Used Force On And Killed Black And Indigenous People At A Higher Rate Than White People"

The Minneapolis report referred to by Steve Sailer above include this:

In some cases, the force MPD officers use against people of color and Indigenous individuals has been deadly. In fact, since 2010, of the 14 individuals that MPD officers have killed, 13 of those individuals were people of color or Indigenous individuals.[Findings from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights - Investigation into the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department, p. 10]

We can assume this is mostly because these are justifiable homicides, since "Minnesota Nice" whites don't try to kill cops, whereas blacks and Indians do. (American Indians are a crime factor in Minnesota.)

The danger to police from blacks is a lot higher than the danger to blacks from police:

Historically, black males have made up over 40 percent of cop-killers nationwide, though black males are 6 percent of the population. Conservatively estimating that 40 percent of the cop-killers this year have been black, 26 officers have been killed by a black suspect in 2021, for a rate of nearly four cops per 100,000 officers killed by black civilians. A police officer is about 400 times as likely to be killed by a black suspect as an unarmed black is to be killed by a police ­officer.

[ Where is the outrage over the killing of Baltimore police officer Keona Holley?, by Heather Mac Donald, NY Post,  December 29, 2021]

If you are a police officer, and attend funerals of officers killed on duty, you can go to a lot of funerals before you go to one caused by a white male. You'll almost never go to a police funeral where the officer was killed by a white female.

Which brings us to the point—if 13 of the people killed by the Minneapolis Police Department, who was the 14th?

Answer: It was Justine Damond, a white woman, killed in what was clearly an unjustified shooting by Mohamed Noor, an Affirmative Action MPD cop of Somali origin:

Although Derek Chauvin, who in many people's view didn't kill anyone, but just arrested a man named George Floyd who subsequently died of an overdose, is expected to be in jail for many years, I believe Noor may already be a free man:

In April 2019, Noor was tried before a jury on charges of second-degree intentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. Noor claimed self defense. The jury convicted Noor of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, but he was acquitted on the charge of second degree intentional murder.[6] In June 2019, Noor was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison.[7] Noor's conviction on third-degree murder was overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court on September 15, 2021.[8] In October 2021, his sentence was revised to 4.75 years in prison.[2]

See Ex-cop Noor set for June release after resentence in Ruszczyk killing,  by Jon Collins and Matt Sepic, Minnesota Public Radio News, October 21, 2021.

With the exception of this one white woman, the deaths have mostly been people trying to kill the police or the public:

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