20 States And Stephen Miller's America First Legal Sue Biden Over Great Replacement Parole Program
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Texas, Alabama and 18 other states have sued the Biden Regime to stop its illegal parole program that will import almost 400,000 “migrants” annually from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Their case: Biden and Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas, the unindicted visa fraudster, once again violated the Administrative Procedures Act that governs the implementation of new rules and regulations. And the states will suffer irreparable harm from the deluge of low-IQ, penniless illiterates.

To stop the illegal-alien invasion at the border, Traitor Joe and Mayorkas will legalize the invaders before they leave home. They would parole 30,000 a month, or 360,000 annually.

The lawsuit’s APA claim argues two points:

The program exceeds the Defendants’ statutory parole authority. ...

The Defendants unlawfully failed to engage in notice-and-comment rulemaking.

The harm done to the states is immeasurable. The Biden-Mayorkas Axis of Evil “parole” plan forces the states to absorb incalculable costs in education and health care, and, of course, law enforcement.


[Texas] Emergency Medicaid program provides health coverage for low-income children, families, seniors, and the disabled. Federal law requires Texas to include illegal aliens in its Emergency Medicaid program. The program costs Texas tens of millions of dollars annually.

The Texas Family Violence Program provides emergency shelter and supportive services to victims and their children in Texas. Texas spends more than a million dollars per year on the Texas Family Violence Program for services to illegal aliens. …

Idaho spends significant amounts of money providing services to illegal aliens because of the federal government’s abuses of federal law. Those services include education services and healthcare, as well as many other social services. Federal law requires Idaho to include illegal aliens in those programs. Like many Western states, the number of illegal aliens in Idaho continues to increase—likewise increasing the number of illegal aliens receiving such services. 

The number of illegal aliens present in Idaho is estimated to be approximately 35,000. School age children comprise nearly 6% of that number. …

The program will result in increased crime and drug trafficking in Kansas communities, requiring additional expenditures by Kansas law enforcement. This is because at least some proportion of those aliens will come to Kansas. …

Louisiana already has approximately 70,000 to 78,000 aliens living in the State who are not lawfully in the United States. More than 70% of them do not have health insurance, about 34% of them have incomes below the poverty level, and they cost Louisiana taxpayers more than $362 million a year.

And so on …

America First Legal stated the obvious:

The Biden Administration’s new parole program actually allows aliens in their home countries to obtain the benefit of being able to secure advance approval to enter the United States — despite no other basis in law for them doing so (i.e. these are not visas). And in so doing, these aliens will be eligible to obtain work permits and will be allowed to stay in the United States for two years, subject to potentially indefinite renewal..

[America First Legal Partners with Texas and Massive Coalition of 20 States in Filing Emergency Lawsuit to Shutdown Biden’s New Plan to Illegally Transport Legions of Unauthorized Aliens into the United States, January 24, 2023] 

“Indefinite renewal,” of course, means they’ll never be sent home. Once they start dropping anchor babies, deportation will be impossible. 

Biden has released more than 1 million illegals stopped by border agents. They will never be deported, even if the GOP has both houses of Congress and the White House.

Despite that, we can rest assured that the Great Replacement is just a white nationalist conspiracy theory.


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