9 Of 12 Dead Victims Of Black Virginia Beach Gunman DeWayne Craddock Were White
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A story from the Virginia Beach Pilot shows that 9 out of 12 of black gunman Dewayne Craddock's victims were white. (That's the deceased victims, four survivors were wounded, I haven't seen their names.) See These Are The 12 Victims Of The Virginia Beach Mass Shooting. Here Are Their Stories, PilotOnline.com Staff report, June 1, 2019.

It's not unusual in these Disgruntled Minority Massacre cases for all the victims to be white.

Omar Thornton, in 2010 left 8 white people dead. Thornton was fired for stealing. The victims were posthumously investigated (and cleared) for racism. Charles “Cookie” Thornton, right, left 5 whites dead when he shot up the city council in Kirkwood, Missouri.  He thought he wasn’t getting city contracts because of racism.

I'd like to know if Craddock made any statements about being fired for because of "racism", but people don't want to know that.

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