Anarcho-Tyranny In England: The Great Golliwog Raid
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Sam Francis’ term ”anarcho-tyranny” got an airing on Tucker Carlson’s show last week. Our own James Fulford supplied a comprehensive follow-up post April 4th.

The ink was barely dry on that—or the pixels barely luminescing, whatever—when we heard of a perfect specimen of anarcho-tyranny from across the Pond.

The husband-and-wife owners of a pub in Essex had, as part of the pub’s interior decor, a display of 15 golliwog dolls they had been given over the years as gifts from customers who knew their fondness for golliwogs.

Inevitably (I suppose) someone took offense at the display and made a complaint to the police. Six—count ’em, six—uniformed police officers showed up at the pub, confiscated the golliwogs, and interrogated the landlady. (Her husband was out of the country.) They were, they told the lady, responding to a hate crime complaint.

Oh, and—quote from the Daily Mail:

They also took a book about the history of golliwogs.

To get the full anarcho-tyrannical flavor of this episode you need to know that, according to my friends and relatives over there, if you come home and find your house has been burgled, you will be lucky if a single copper shows up in response to your phone call.

Most often a voice at the other end of the phone line will give you a number you can pass on to your insurance company.

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