Attorney General Ken Paxton Strikes Again At the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty
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Attorney General of Texas, the hero Ken Paxton, has struck again at another of the illegal and unconstitutional Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties, this time the Parole Amnesty. Paxton should be the next Attorney General of the United States or Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For a State Official who is not an immigration law professional, he has an uncanny command of immigration law and policy. I suspect he has some of the best minds in immigration law working for his office, minds also with an aggressive attitude that makes for a winner in the battle for the Historic American Nation. It is as if they can either read my mind or are reading VDare and my blog.

Here Attorney General Paxton is leading a large coalition of other States Attorneys General in a lawsuit filed in the most friendly Circuit Court to immigration enforcement in the nation.

A coalition of 20 Republican states, led by Texas, filed a lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday against President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to prevent it from expanding the “catch and release” of border crossers into the U.S.

The lawsuit challenges the Biden administration’s recent expansion of the parole program, whereby the administration will “allow up to 30,000 qualifying nationals per month” from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti to stay in the country and work while they await their immigration hearings. 

[Red States Sue Biden’s DHS for Creating ‘Parole’ Migration Pipeline, by Jordan Dixon-Hamilton, Breitbart, January 25, 2023]

The lawsuit is almost picture perfect. My only suggestion would be to hold each of the defendants, mostly the traitors Alexandro Mayorkas and Ur Jaddou, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), sued in their personal capacity as well their official capacity. As of now, both are named only in their official capacity, which means they are not held personally financially liable for their flagrant illegal actions. Both though are personally motivated by hatred of white Americans and committed to illegally opening the borders of the United States to unlimited non-white immigration. Both have long records of illegality on behalf of illegal aliens in violation of their oaths of office. Mayorkas is also a long-time participant in immigration fraud and deliberately sabotaged fraud investigations when he was Director of USCIS under Barack Hussein Obama. Jaddou is an immigration bureaucrat and should know better than to participate in such illegality, though she is at the heart of the illegal Biden amnesties. Both should be held personally, financially, and later under the DeSantis Administration, criminally liable, for their actions.

Furthermore, Tae Johnson, head of ICE SVU, similarly should know better, being a legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service veteran. He has been fully supportive of the illegal Biden amnesties and deserves to be held civilly, and later criminally, responsible. All three traitors should be paying a price for their betrayal of the American people. Johnson is particularly vulnerable, and may be turned to testify against the Biden Regime out of fear of losing considerable personal wealth accumulated during his many years in the Civil Service. Nothing concentrates the mind like having to write a check to 20 different States for violating the law. He could likely testify that the Biden Regime knew their actions were illegal and blast open the internal discussions of this and other Biden Regime criminal activity on immigration.

This most recent action led by Ken Paxton shows how Republican politicians and leaders can act, but it also exposes Kevin McCarthy. The debt ceiling issue is reaching critical importance for the credit-worthiness of the United States. Raising the debt ceiling is must-pass legislation, but so far there appears to be no willingness of Speaker McCarthy to use this leverage to stop the various Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties. Shame on McCarthy.


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