Bloomberg Vs. Barletta And America
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Michael Bloomberg, who runs a large sanctuary for illegal aliens on the Hudson River, is criticizing the Mayor of Hazleton for fighting back against the illegal aliens who are ruining small-town life in his part Pennsylvania. Bloomberg, as a rich man surrounded by NYPD bodyguards is fairly safe from the immigrant crime that affects New York actually more than it does Hazleton.

But the other obvious point is that even as a fairly safe New Yorker, who doesn't have to ride the subway, for example, Bloomberg has lived all his life behind locked doors, in constant peril of crime, keeping a close eye out for people on the street who might attack him. I don't believe he has any concept of what small-town life might be like, except to mock it.

To give you a counter example, when Denny Hastert, who lives in Yorkville, Illinois, became Speaker of the House in 1999, his new security detail went to his home to install new, high security locks on the doors, they found that that there were no locks there, period. They had to install them from scratch.

MAYOR Bloomberg has come out swing ing against a fellow mayor trying to impose one of the most restrictive bans against illegal aliens in the nation.

At a civic meeting in Brooklyn last week, Bloomberg verbally attacked Louis Barletta, the mayor of Hazleton, Pa., who enacted a law barring undocumented immigrants from holding jobs or renting apartments.

The law gained nationwide attention, leading to a challenge from civil-rights groups. A federal judge is currently weighing whether it's constitutional.

Responding to a question from the audience in Sunset Park, which has seen an influx of immigrants in recent years, Bloomberg vigorously defended immigrants as hardworking.

He then recalled his brief encounter with Barletta last summer.

"I testified before Congress and New York's a city of 8.3 million people. The guy who testified after me came from Hazleton, Pa., which is 30,000 people, and according to him, there has never been a crime committed in Hazleton, Pa., that wasn't committed by an undocumented," said Bloomberg.


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