Bob Dole, RIP
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Senator Bob Dole had a great voice, better than Norm’s.

Dole was extremely witty in a sort of bleak, nasty way, appropriate for a man who needed four painful years of intermittent hospital stays to heal from the war wounds that crippled him for life. He probably was too disorganized to have made a good President, but he was hilarious going on the Sunday morning talk shows and just winging it.

My favorite Saturday Night Live Bob Dole clip was 5:45 into a 1988 GOP candidates debate in which Bob (played by Dan Ackroyd) turns to the Rev. Pat Robertson and says:

Ah, come on now, Pat, that’s a load of bunk. You know and I know that you’re an old Bible-thumping revival show con artist from way back, claim to heal people. I’ll tell you something, Pat Robertson, you turn to me and and heal my right arm and I’ll be glad to step aside and let you be President of the United States.

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