Border Patrol Union Predicts Riots If GOP POTUS Tries To Deport Biden’s Great Replacement Invaders
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The National Border Patrol Council correctly says that Traitor Joe Biden’s illegal-alien Great Replacers must be deported because the “asylum” claims they file are bogus, as VDARE has reported many times. But the union also predicts riots if what would obviously be a GOP POTUS tried to deport them. That will be true only if the president tries, which is hardly a certainty. In turn, that is why ending birthright citizenship is an existential matter.

The union:

Leftists and their Antifa punks will “peacefully protest” when a new admin takes over and has the audacity to actually enforce our laws. There will be riots, violence and massive damage. And the MSM will deflect your attention and downplay it all, just as they’ve done for nearly three years now with our lawless disaster zone that used to be a “border.”

True, probably. But that assumes a GOP president would have the audacity to enforce our laws. Were he that courageous, the Treason Lobby and communist Mainstream Media would caterwaul 24-7 on CNN and MSNBC about put-upon illegals who face deportation and an “uncertain future.” The New York Times and the Washington Post will spill gallons of ink telling the same woeful tales.

And imagine a GOP president, particularly if it isn’t Trump, trying to withstand the hysteria and unrelenting farrago of accusations: “Nazi,” “racist,” “nativist,” “white supremacist.” 

Forgetting that, however, the president will face another problem. The communist American Civil Liberties, the Treason Lobby’s legal subsidiary, will file lawsuits to stop deportations. Once the federal judiciary’s communist kritarchs enjoin him, the president would face a choice, particularly if the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t back him up: either ignore the courts and deport them anyway, or simply surrender. 

He can always say he tried.

Because the Great Replacers are likely here to stay given the courts, the Stupid Party must prioritize ending birthright citizenship. If we can’t boot out the Third World’s penniless illegals, we must at least stop their offspring from becoming citizens and voting.

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