BREAKING NEWS FROM VICE: Let’sGoBrandon Hatches Secret Pact To Sneak In Russians
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If the Biden Regime’s border treason reached an ear-shattering crescendo with secret midnight flights of illegals into the heartland, consider this soft grace note: U.S. and Mexican officials hatched a secret pact to tiptoe past Title 42 of the U.S. code and sneak in Russians who opposed their nation’s attack on Ukraine [The US Admitted a Group of Russians at the Border Under Secret Deal With Mexico, by David Noriego and David Mora, Vice News, March 28, 2022].

Title 42, of course, is the codicil of U.S. law that permits the federal government to stop immigrants from entering the country on health grounds. Trump triggered Title 42 to stop illegals afflicted with the Covid from crossing the border.

But Biden’s immigration officials jettisoned that policy for the Russians, Vice reported:

The group of 35 asylum seekers was whisked away in the predawn hours of March 20 and driven to a part of the border where they wouldn’t be seen: a checkpoint that has been closed to the public for several months.

There, under cover of night, Mexican immigration officers handed the Russians over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Two days before, the Russians had received an offer from a Russian-speaking man who introduced himself as an American diplomat: They would be taken across the border, but only if they broke up their growing encampment on the busy pedestrian crossing between Tijuana and San Diego.

The secret agreement, brokered by the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana and executed in conjunction with Mexican officials at the federal and state levels, bypassed Title 42, the controversial pandemic-era measure that allows U.S. border authorities to expel or deny entry to asylum seekers without hearing their claims. The policy has left tens of thousands of migrants stranded on the Mexican side of the border.

Vice captured the truth on camera and confirmed it with three sources, and even interviewed a Russian:

Irina, a math teacher from Moscow who was arrested for protesting the war and spent several days at the encampment, said that although she was grateful for the opportunity to seek asylum in the U.S., she was also surprised by the arbitrary and convoluted nature of the process she and the group encountered.

“It’s like Russian roulette,” Irina told VICE World News. “It's completely unpredictable. You don't know the steps along the way. You approach the border without knowing what is going to happen. You reach the border, but you don’t know if the immigration officer will let you through. Then, when you cross, you are detained, but you don’t know for how long or why.”

U.S. officials are mum.

Vice’s purpose, of course, isn’t to expose the secret pact to stop Let’sGoBrandon from importing Russian refugees. Rather, it’s to shame the regime by suggesting that its policy is unfair and racist. Treason Lobby leftists want Biden to stop using Title 42 to keep out the penniless hordes of Mexicans and Central Americans who arrive at the border every day:

During the time the Russians were camped out on the border, VICE World News observed families fleeing violence in Southern Mexico and individuals escaping political persecution in Cuba request asylum at the port of entry. They were consistently turned away by U.S. authorities and then ordered away from the checkpoint by Mexican police. Meanwhile, Ukrainians were granted quick access to the U.S. side.

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