Charlottesville Tiki-Torch Defendant William Henry Fears Hunger Strike Update
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Last week, I reported that Charlottesville tiki-torch march defendant William Henry Fears, below, who is being held at the Albermarle County Regional Jail, has been engaging in a hunger strike as a means of resisting what he believes are illegitimate and politically motivated prosecutions of First Amendment protected speech.

I am able to exclusively report that Fears (who was not confined incommunicado as previously expected), is feeling physically weak but in good spirits. He has consumed nothing but water since November 11th. He hopes to make a show of resistance to his ”show trial,” which is scheduled for December 18th. Fears intends to continue the hunger strike until all the felony charges against torch march participants are dropped.

In recent weeks, a slew of news articles bemoaning the rise of antisemitism have evoked the torch march that took place on the UVA campus on August 11th, 2017, where hundreds of demonstrators chanted ”You will not replace us.” Fears explains that his participation in the chant was in response to a policy promoted by the United Nations, in a now-deleted 2016 article which suggested that replacement migration to countries with low birth rates, like Western nations and Japan, was desirable for economic reasons. Members of the wealthy class who favored such migration are the same ones who are now bringing retributive lawfare against political dissidents like those who participated in the Unite the Right.

Fears’ attorney is Bryan Jones, who was counsel for some of the defendants in the Sines v Kessler civil suit. VDARE readers are familiar with the massive suit, in which four years and millions of dollars were spent waging lawfare against notable Unite the Right participants, disingenuously blaming them, rather than malfeasance by government actors, for the mayhem that occurred at Unite the Right. Jones entered a motion earlier this month to have Judge Higgins recuse herself from Fears’ torch march case. (See Black Antifa Chief Judge Claude V. Worrell Must Recuse Himself From Charlottesville Tiki Torch Show Trials.) Higgins has not yet ruled on the motion.

Fears eloquently explained the importance of the torch march and the reason for the subsequent witch hunt against lawful protesters. ”They weren’t able to stop the glorious torch rite of August 11th the way they stopped August 12th. Thomas Jefferson, a father archetype of our nation, was illuminated in the glow of his national progeny. If only for a brief moment, his spirit came alive in the hearts of the lads there at the statue. And the political operatives on the left can never let that victory go unpunished. They seek to invalidate our protest, and our sacred rite, by calling it a crime rather than free speech.”

Letters of support to Fears would be appreciated:

William Fears # 10651958

Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail (ACRJ)

160 Peregory Ln

Charlottesville, VA 22902



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