Chuck Holton: Who's Paying For Alien Smuggling? You Are!
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This is a part of a longer panel from Center for Immigration Studies called OVERRUN—The Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History, February 14, 2023. 

The longer video is here, but it’s 1:22:26 as opposed to the first clip, which is 22 minutes long. 

Basically, he tells how NGOs, the U.N., both state and federal government are funding the illegal aliens coming into the United States. 

That first clip with immigration reporter Chuck Holton tells the story of a Cuban family who came to the United States and started receiving benefits right away.  On top of it, they are working jobs under the table, so they are not paying taxes, and they had a child here in America. He met this couple in the Darien Gap, near the  Isthmus of Panama  and actually gave them first aid for trench foot (there’s a huge swamp there) so they got in touch with him in the States:

I was very interested to see why they wanted to go to this church. Well, there was a program administered by the state of Texas and administered through the church where they could sign up and get a stipend for two years to kind of help them get their feet under them now that they’re into the United States but they had they knew how to game this system because of some of the WhatsApp groups and stuff that they’re  part of where migrants tell each other hey this is where to go and this is what to do.

 So rather than go in as a married couple they went in as two single people and signed up twice and got twice as much money,  so they came out of there with about twelve hundred dollars a month for two years that they could that they could use to live on.

 Then they got on a bus and went to Miami and signed up for a similar program in Florida—again two different people—so within a month of arriving in the United States they were making thirty two hundred dollars a month in stipends and benefits from the federal government and two different state governments that would were supposed to be to help them get their feet under them, that would have gone away once they got jobs, but instead they went and got jobs under the table that they didn’t report.

I actually visited them maybe six months later in Miami and they were making sixty thousand dollars a year between what they made working and the stipends that they were still receiving. They had two cars; they had a house and they had had a baby by then that was an American citizen. they then were sending money back to their friends and family in Cuba to finance the next round of illegal migration coming to the United States and in this way the U.S taxpayer is in large part functioning as The Smuggler because we’re paying people to come north and we’re paying for that next wave of migration.

Chuck doesn’t say, but I will bet anything the family is collecting WIC and SNAP based on the citizen child, one of the many reasons to get rid of birthright citizenship.  The family was willing to play the system before, so there’s no reason to believe they would stop now. 

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