Democrats Once Again Tried To Start Thanksgiving Arguments In Which “Crazy MAGA Nonsense“ Is Refuted By Lies
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The Democrats know that the best defense is a good offense.  So, in anticipation of family discussions (arguments) around Thanksgiving, they released talking points with which to attack that conservative uncle (me) at the dinner table. (They”ve been doing this for years, see above, or here in The New Yorker, from 2018.)

“He’s promising to make it worse: Rounding up Latinos into mass detention camps, ending birthright citizenship, and shooting people at will,” says a Thanksgiving Day script from the Biden campaign.

When family members say “Trump secured our border!” Democrats are instructed to reply:

No he didn’t.

All he did was separate families, put children in cages, and leave behind a broken immigration system for Joe Biden to clean up.

[Biden’s 2024 Border Pitch: Trump Will Make Migration Worse, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, November 22, 2023]

Here’s the official Biden HQ Tweet:

So, the Democrat idea of making the border worse is “rounding up Latinos,” detention camps, ending the scam of birth right citizenship, and otherwise actually enforcing the law.  That stuff about shooting people at will is just hyperbole designed to inflame the open borders crowd. 

I agree with the Dems that Trump didn’t do enough to secure the border, but not for the reasons they give.  Let me remind readers that Obama built the camps that Trump was blamed for. 

The Democrats deleted this Tweet in 2019, because the actual ”cage” image was from an earlier Kidinvasion during the Obama Years:

[House Democrats delete tweets showing migrants in cages when Obama was in office, Washington Examiner, July 10, 2019]

The ”kids in cages” phenomenon is caused by three factors (a) the sudden appearance of up to 500 teenagers, maybe 470 more than there are actual beds for; (b) the fact that since they are minors,  CBP can”t just let them loose on the street for their own safety; and (c) the obvious need to separate teenage Mexican/Central American boys from teenage (and younger!) girls. 

The Democrats know the immigration system is broken because they broke it intentionally.  Now, they want to be the ones allowed to fix it. 

I do believe that if a conservative gets into office and tries to deport anyone, the Open Borders Democrats (all of the Dems are for open borders really) will be trying to get the migrants to riot in the streets.  They will use the children to get as much sympathy as they can and they will rejoice if a child gets killed while Agents are trying to round people up.  They did it the last time with Trump, they will do it again. 

As for detention camps, what do you expect when you’ve let in close to nine million illegal aliens?  If you try to do roundups of illegal aliens, then you are going to have to drastically increase detention space.  To argue against it, as the Biden administration does, is to effectively call for no enforcement … and therefore, an open border.


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