Dylann Roof's Manifesto: Why No MSM Articles On "Root Causes"—Or On Conservatives "Fearing Backlash"?
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I am proud to say that I find all the writers at VDARE.com instinctively want to wait whenever there's some atrocity like the Charleston Church massacre to see what actually happened—although of course we do feel free to point out that the MSM systematically memory-holes the far more numerous similar incidents with minority/ immigrant perps. Consequently, we are never caught in rush-to-judgement fiascoes like political elite's notoriously disastrous effort to pin the Gabrielle Giffords shooting on white conservatives.

But every once in a while, it turns out that the perp is motivated by white racial feeling. If this were common, it might put us in the position of left-wing Democrats during the Weathermen rampages. (Hint: they ignored them). However, it is rare.

And significantly, when it does occur, there is never any effort to inquire into its "root causes," as is always the case with atrocities the political elite wants to explain away. I explored this in

For example, in the latter case, I wrote:

For example, Page, obviously a man of limited economic potential, worked as a trucker in civilian life. Trucking and taxi driving are two trades in which Sikhs are disproportionately represented. Has it not occurred to any MSM pundit that sheer American worker displacement might be a factor in this tragedy?

Which means we'll be seeing it again?

In what appears to be Dylann Roof's manifesto, he expresses particular disquiet at the political elite's race-baiting hysteria, clearly a blatant effort to mobilize the black vote and also subsequently discredited, about the Trayvon Martin Hoax. This must mean that the Left is at least partly to blame. Yet Googling produces nothing significant on "Dylann Roof" + "Root Cause."

Immigrant/ minority perps also always trigger sympathetic MSM coverage about their co-ethnics fearing backlash. But I haven't even bothered to Google for articles about white conservatives fearing backlash.

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