Eight Republicans Join Democrats In Voting To NOT Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas
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Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) tried getting the House to vote to impeach Homeland (in)Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Cuban ingrate who believes the United States was founded for refugees and not for the progeny of the settlers, pioneers, and colonists who actually made America.

Not surprisingly, she was unsuccessful thanks to the treacherous GOP [UPDATE: US House Votes with 8 Republicans Joining Democrats to Shelve Impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Who Has Overseen the Purposeful Invasion at the US Border, by Jim Hoft, GateWay Pundit, November 14, 2023].

Letitia James is in the process of using lawfare against President Trump and VDARE.com among others. Litigious James understands lawfare and how the process is the punishment. I heard one excuse from GOP RINO defenders that if the motion to impeach is sent to the Senate, it will be dead there due to the Democrats’ control. Perhaps, but it would be nice to see the Republican’ts actually laying out what is going on with the border to the American public, and it would have been nice if they raked Mayorkas over the coals for having invited the invading hordes in.

It also gives me little confidence that the Republican’ts will actually do more than talk about impeaching Biden. When it was their turn, the Democrats had no qualms about impeaching Trump on bogus charges. They knew they were unlikely to get a conviction in the Senate, but did that stop them? Of course not; they understand the propaganda value of impeachment. The Republican’ts instead come across as cowards for being unwilling to use the same tactics the Democrats were willing to use twice for bogus reasons.

Unlike the impeachments of Trump, the case against Mayorkas is a slam dunk. He has done nothing to stop illegal immigration and a whole lot to encourage the invasion. His assertion that “The Border is secure” is laughable to even the hardcore Lefties in NYC currently getting a very small percentage of the overall migration.

8 Republicans voted with Democrats to save Mayorkas from being fired. 13 Republicans refused to vote on the resolution.

Here are the 8 Republicans:

  1. Patrick McHenry – North Carolina
  2. Tom McClintock – California
  3. Virginia Foxx – North Carolina
  4. Darrell Issa – California
  5. Cliff Bentz – Oregon
  6. Ken Buck – Colorado
  7. Mike Turner – Ohio
  8. John Duarte – California

(I’d like to know the names of the 13 Republicans who didn’t bother to vote. We should know who they are too.) Of the ones who voted against impeachment, most actually have favorable ratings with NumbersUSA for immigration enforcement, with the exception of John Duarte, who has an F- rating. (Wikipedia tells me he is of Portuguese ancestry, rather than Mexican-American Hispanic, although he’s probably eligible for Affirmative Action.)

The Biden administration has done nothing to help secure the border and a whole lot to undermine border security. See:

Biden Administration Releases Its Blueprint for Dismantling the Border

At 4:38 AM on a Saturday morning

By Andrew R. Arthur, CIS.org, February 1, 2022

The new focus will be on the budget. Will the Republican’ts use the power of the purse to get a secure border? Stephen Miller has proposed embedding Ukraine funding in an immigration bill. It’s a good idea in theory, but the Republiwimps would never have the nerve to follow through on that.

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