Emails Gone Wild: An Apology From Lydia Brimelow
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Certain VDARE Foundation donors received waves of emails earlier today when I messed up the software. I’m sorry about that. If you are expecting a tax letter reflecting the summary of your donations to the VDARE Foundation from 2022 so you can claim a tax deduction, I expect to have those sent out very soon.

We are under a lot of pressure right now, from the combination of canceled services, understaffing and litigation. This task, which for most organizations would be done using Constant Contact or similar by a secretary with experience of such things, is currently done by me using a Frankenstein’s monster of services that don’t talk to each other very well. I appreciate your patience as I work through it.

Those of you that donated offline or by check in 2022 should have already received your letters by mail last week.

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