Florida Prosecutor Fired for Anti-Rioter Facebook Post
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It's a firing offense in Florida for a prosecutor to correctly observe on Facebook that the rioters are acting "zoo animals."
Amy Bloom was eight years on the job. [Turns Out You Can Still Be Fired For Racist Facebook Posts, Even If You Delete Them! Just ask one former Florida prosecutor, by Elizabeth Dye, AboveTheLaw.com, June 2, 2020]
SJW Twitterer Liz Feliz tweeted the post with the by-now infuriating flake-lilt, "not okay."  There's an entitled smugness to that "not okay" that makes me want to... riot.  It sounds like a rich sorority girl dismissing an unfashionable swimsuit.
Take a look at the post. 
It's about as responsible as you can get:  pointing out that rioting is wrong, remaining civil is right, and that we should respect law and order.
I mean, that's what a prosecutor would say in an opening statement!  And she was fired for it?
I'd point out the responsible nature of the post.
I'd point out that that's exactly how we want prosecutors to feel.
I'd point out that public employees have First Amendment rights against being fired for comment on public affairs.
I'd point out that the rioters are acting like animals.
But it's useless.
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