Great Replacement Update, Dover, England: Residents Arming Themselves Against Increasingly Violent “Migrants”
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As expected, the illegal aliens who are colonizing England are terrorizing coastal residents. In Dover, Englishmen are arming themselves with weapons—not handguns, of course, which are illegal.

In a paywalled article, The Times of London has reported that residents “have been forced to arm themselves after dangerous encounters with illegal migrants evading police capture”:

[T]errified locals in Dover were forced to take drastic measures due to the massive influx of illegal migrants through the port town, which sits only 26 miles from France, across the English Channel.

The residents of Old Folkestone Road in Aycliffe, a suburb of Dover close to Shakespeare Beach, a popular landing spot for migrants that arrive unaccompanied by Border Force vessels, told the paper that “desperate” migrants on the run from police had broken into houses, jumped into backyards, and even entered the local school playground.

[Coastal Brits Arm Themselves With Sledgehammers, Floodlights As Illegal Immigrants Evade Police, by Jack Hadfield, Valiant News, October 29, 2022]


One of those residents was Sue Doyle, 59, forced to flee her home by a 16-year-old Albanian illegal alien, who barged in through an open door:

After telling her repeatedly not to call the police, she was forced to lock her dog in a room, with the teenager demanding that she drive him up to Manchester, in the north west of England, a 220 mile journey.

Doyle eventually managed to escape to the house of her next-door-neighbour, Louise Monger, 36, who rang the police. The boy was then escorted away by officers, reportedly in tears.

Another woman installed floodlights and now sleeps with a sledgehammer. She caught an illegal hopping her backyard fence.

Amusingly, a spokesman for the government expressed concern for the illegals:

Despite what people have been told by people smugglers, migrants who travel through safe countries to illegally enter the UK will not be allowed to start a new life here. Nobody should put their lives at risk by taking dangerous and illegal journeys.

England is being invaded. The invaders are single, military-age men.

It’s worth observing that America’s “greatest ally” and the “only democracy in the Middle East” doesn’t permit illegals to jump the border. Instead, Israeli border guards shoot them:



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