Great Replacement Update: Illegal-Alien Invasion At Northern Border Doubles From Last Year
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The illegal-alien invasion at the northern border is more than double what it was by this time in fiscal 2022, and more than half last year’s total. So far this year, data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show, border agents have handled 68,784. Last year at this time, the figure was 30,119.

Last year’s total was 109,535, which itself increased about 300 percent from fiscal 2021. At this year’s rate, the total by September 30, will be about 165,000. Most of the illegals are from “other” countries: 27,595. India contributed 12,254; 3,654 are Chinese.

Most, 65,928, have landed at ports of entry or border checkpoints handled by the CBP’s field offices in these cities:

  • Buffalo: 35,265
  • Boston: 13,435
  • Portland: 12,493
  • Detroit: 4,665

The Border Patrol caught the rest, 2,856, trying to jump the border. Illegals target the Swanton Border Sector in Vermont about 15 minutes south of the Canadian border. Agents have caught 1,932 illegals. CPB reports record numbers [Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector Apprehensions & Encounters Reach Historic Highs, February 13, 203]. That figure, too, has already surpassed last year’s 1,065.

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