His Name Is Kristopher Dacus: White Cemetery Employee In Arkansas Murdered by Black Teen For Asking Him To Leave
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Four black males trespassing in a cemetery in North Little Rock, Arkansas. A white employee of the cemetery, Kristopher Dacus, asked them to leave. Kelton Ahmad McIntire refused to comply and after a brief altercation, pulled out a gun and shot Dacus “multiple times.”

Police: 15-year-old charged with murder of North Little Rock cemetery worker, Arkansas Online, February 26, 2020

A North Little Rock teenager is facing first-degree murder charges in the Wednesday afternoon shooting death of a cemetery employee, according to a news release from North Little Rock Police.

Kelton Ahmad McIntire, 15, is charged with shooting 33-year-old Kristopher Dacus of North Little Rock just after 2 p.m. in Edgewood Cemetery, the release from department spokesman Sgt. Amy Cooper said. Dacus was an employee at the cemetery at 4200 Division St.

According to the news release, McIntire and three other juveniles were walking through the cemetery when Dacus approached them and told them to leave the property. While the others ran toward the exit, McIntire continued on his way. The release said Dacus approached the teen and a struggle ensued. McIntire then pulled out a gun and shot Dacus “multiple times,” the release said.

Officers arriving at the scene at 2:25 p.m. found Dacus, the release said. He was taken to an area hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Police were notified that a juvenile black male was seen running from the cemetery immediately following the shooting, the release said. Officers arrested McIntire a short time later at an apartment at 2000 Parkway Dr., less than a block from the cemetery.

McIntire, who is charged as an adult, is being held at the Pulaski County jail with no bond.

Does this story have George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin-vibes? If the latter had been armed (or had wrestled Zimmerman’s gun from him), the altercation back in 2012 might have ended quite differently. Perhaps as the Dacus/McIntire one did in a cemetery in North Little Rock.

We aren’t supposed to notice Kristopher Dacus was a white male and his murderer was black. In fact, in the current year, to notice such racial realities behind this murder is a far graver sin than the murder of Mr. Dacus itself.

Nonetheless, His Name is Kristopher Dacus. Were the races reversed, his death would be a national story, with the media trying to find ways to connect this modern-day lynching to Emmett Till. As it is, few outside of Little Rock and those reading this piece will ever stumble across how you died and who took your life.

There is no double standard in America, only The Standard, dictating white people have no collective interests or concerns, and that violent interracial crime can only be reported if a white person (thereby all white people in the USA are guilty) is the suspect.

And remember: Their Lives Matter Too.

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