House Passes Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill, Blacks To Be SECOND Hardest Hit
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The House of Representatives has passed a law treating "hate crimes" against Asians as a special, Federal offense:

When I saw that, I thought "Well, blacks will definitely be hardest hit by this one!"

Of course, they'll only be second hardest hit, since the bill is based on the fact that large young black men are literally punching elderly, frail Asians to death.

But it's clear that both the media and the legislators are refusing to think about that that. They think this legislation will trap Trump voters, rather than putting black teenagers away in the Federal Penitentiary. It's the same as the various gun control laws and the anti-lynching bill—both will hit blacks harder than whites, because blacks are more likely to carry illegal guns and engage in targeted mob violence.

This is a list of I did in February of 12 instances of black on Asian violence that we noticed here at

  1. CNN: Panda Bear Hunting Attacks On Elderly Asians Are Trump's Fault, by Steve Sailer on 02/09/2021
  2. Coalition of the Fringes: Asians Join With Blacks To Protest "Racism" AKA Black Attacks On Asians, by Steve Sailer on 02/17/2021
  3. Everything Bad That Blacks Do, Like Knock Over Old Asians, Will be Blamed On Trump and/or Covid Forever, by Steve Sailer on 02/13/2021
  4. Fellow Asians: You Must Blame Whites For Black Attacks On Our Elders, by Steve Sailer on 02/13/2021
  5. Lowell Public School: Blacks Stick It To Asians In San Francisco Again, This Time Non-Violently, by Steve Sailer on 02/11/2021
  6. Michelle Malkin: Maxine Waters, Racial Insurrectionist, by Michelle Malkin on 02/09/2021
  7. More Black Trump Supporters Running Amok, Not Only Attacking Asians But Shooting Lady Gaga's Dogwalker, by Steve Sailer on 02/26/2021
  8. NBC: Is Black-On-Asian Violence A Hate Crime Or Just Blacks Acting Black?, by Steve Sailer on 02/26/2021
  9. NYPD: Per Capita, Blacks In NYC 18.7 Times As Likely As Asians To Be Robbery Suspects, by Steve Sailer on 02/24/2021
  10. Ring, Ring, Ring Go the Racists, by Steve Sailer on 02/19/2021
  11. Sprinting Ability, Crime, And Race, by Steve Sailer on 02/11/2021
  12. Twitter: Covid Causing "Youths " To Knock Down Elderly Asians For Fun, by Steve Sailer on 02/09/2021
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