Immigration Drives Down Wages, Enforcement Brings Them Back Up
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Immigration mainly benefits the immigrants and employers/the elites. So, they have an interest in lying to the American public about how immigration drives down wages—Neil Munro quotes Krugman denying it in the NYT.[NY Times: Yeah, OK, Wages Do Rise When Migration Falls, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, November 18, 2023].

Anecdotally, I can tell you I’ve seen the immediate increase in wages when we started deporting illegal aliens again under Trump. It did cause local labor wages to increase. It didn’t stop the illegal aliens from coming; they still hoped to avoid getting caught. However, construction wages definitely went up.

We once caught a group of aliens who admitted that they came up to our northern border area precisely because the wages were so much higher near the border than they were back in the metropolitan New York City area. One of them confessed that his sister warned him not to go to the border, but he disregarded her advice. He also disregarded common sense and sideswiped a car while driving drunk. The local police were called and they found the motel where the group of aliens were staying. They couldn’t prove that they had been driving, too much time had elapsed, but they did give us a call and we sacked them up.

Today, the local cops probably wouldn’t have bothered calling us. They know we are not doing anything to aliens in the interior.

That’s another thing that a Republican president would have to do: go after sanctuary cities hard.

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