In 2022 Minneapolis, 60% White/18% Black, Blacks Are 89% Of Shooting Suspects
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In 2022, Minneapolis was 60% white & 18% black. Official gun crime stats from the city indicate were the city without a black population, there’d be almost no gun crime.

From the City of Minneapolis: 2022 Gun Violence Overview [PDF]


2022 Gun Violence Demographics

• 83% of shooting victims are Black.
• 9% White, 4% Native American, 3% Unk, 1% Asian

• 89% of shooting suspects are described as Black in cases where suspect descriptions were provided.

• In 2021, there was 1 Black shooting victim for every 150 Black residents of Minneapolis.

• The metric for White residents was 1 shooting victim for every 3,768 residents

• Black community members are disproportionately represented in shooting victim data

• 2/3 of our shooting victims are under the age of 31

18 does 89...

Imagine how little gun crime Minneapolis would have were the city all-white…

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