Jarrett Maupin: The Reverend Of Race-Baiting
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Good grief...I have written about this poorly coiffed (photo) lad a few times and each time the story reaches a new level of absurdity!

(Examples here and here.)

This time we have three nine year-old boys in Arizona playing with matches...and umm, gasoline.

Wouldn't you know it, one of them managed to catch on fire and it happened to be the Black child—the other two (his best friends) were White.

Tragically, the young boy died from his burns in spite of his friends' best attempts to put out the fire. Enter Jarrett Maupin—so sorry, the Reverend Jarrett Maupin—and his latest (and most ridiculous) accusations of racism.

According to a story on ABC 15 KNXV this morning (and thanks to an anonymous email from a fellow Jarrett Maupin non-believer), the Al Sharpton protege is disappointed with the investigation and of course wants to make race the big issue.

Sheriff's office, family at odds over burned boy's death 1/08/07

"The sheriff doesn't want the attention turned on his ridiculous, unorganized and unorthodox investigation," Maupin said. "In the meantime, a 9-year-old black child is dead and his mother does not know why. This is outrageous."

The fire didn't somehow target him because he is Black...his White friends didn't stand by and let him burn because he is Black...he was not uniquely immune to the treatment he received in the emergency room because he is Black...in short, he is not dead because he is Black.

He's dead because he made a bad decision—or to put it bluntly, he's dead because he did something really, really stupid.

It's a terrible tragedy but how can an ignorant blunder be propped up as a social cause? Seriously...even for Maupin, this is an amazing stretch of the circumstances requiring the complete and utter suspension of anything resembling logic.

Wait a minute...I suppose this is right up Maupin's alley!

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