Latest Car Of Peace Attack In England Conducted Apparently By Sudanese Muslim--Not "Midlands Resident"
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The latest Car of Peace attack, mowing down cyclists near the British Parliament, appears to have been committed by a "British Citizen of Sudanese origin." That means he was an immigrant, but it doesn't matter, it would be the same if he were a Sudanese born in Britain:

One Tweet says "Security Minister Ben Wallace says terror suspect was a British citizen who originally came from abroad."

Another euphemism for immigrant, which is only a bad word to use if one of them does something  horrible.

This is more informative than earlier reports that said he was from the Midlands, a part of Britain that comprises the old Kingdom of Mercia:

Of course, a lot of terrorists are from the Midlands these days:

For the record, this is the Midlands:

This is Sudan:

This is a person from the Midlands (Birmingham native Cat Deeley):

These are people from Sudan:

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