Mark Steyn Observes Future Obsolescence of Immigration
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On Thursday, Steyn hosted discussions on a varied selection of immigration topics as he sat in on the Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight, even demonstrating an understanding of the implications of the technological future.

He began by denouncing for supporting the ultra-violent MS-13 gang by “portraying the gang as a bunch of cute teenagers who ride bikes, listen to music and work after-school jobs” when nothing could be further from the truth. He then interviewed the Suffolk Country District Attorney Timothy Sini whose Long Island community has been terrorized by the gang, suffering 17 homicides in 16 months over 2016-17.

Below, violent MS-13 gangsters were admitted in large numbers during Obama’s open borders welcome to Central American illegal aliens.

Steyn then remarked, “America remains in the grips of an immigration crisis in other aspects too, with one of the two major parties increasingly promoting policies indistinguishable from full-blown open borders. Any effort to enforce the country’s border invites accusations of racism even though Mexico is actually deporting more people who come from Honduras than the United States does.”

The next interview was Enrique Acevedo, an anchor at Mexico’s Univision network.

As an opening volley, Steyn queried, “Enrique, this is interesting to me that Mexico is allowed to deport Hondurans without being accused of being racist while the US is, and why does one country get to enforce its borders but another doesn’t?”

The conversation moved along to the big question about the intrinsic worth of immigration, i.e. whether it is beneficial or harmful:

ACEVEDO: We could have a larger debate on the benefits of immigration: I would ask you what is so wrong about immigration? How’s immigration hurting the US, or how is this different to other immigration throughout history?

STEYN: It’s predicted that 30 percent of the world’s jobs are going to going to be outmoded by automation and robots, so nobody needs, no developed nation needs mass immigration these days.

Perfect — Steyn gives the correct, 21st century answer, that automation makes immigration obsolete! It’s nice to see an informed remark on television about the technological future.

There’s more in the video, but the automation mention was definitely the high point.

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