Monkeypox Pride Month Vs. The Space Aliens
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America used to have a giant radio telescope at Arecibo in Puerto Rico, but it collapsed in 2020 for reasons.

Now the Chinese tell us that maybe (or maybe not) they heard intelligent space aliens on their giant radio telescope.

Three days ago I wrote:

I look forward to watching press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Admiral Rachel Levine craft messages to the ETs explaining the Biden Administration’s plans for gender-affirming surgical therapy for young Earthlings.

And now, here they are:

Admiral Levine isn’t even trying anymore to look like a woman. He’s gotten totally into wearing his admiral’s uniform. Shaving every morning is about as far as Admiral Levine will go to try to look feminine these days. Groundskeeper Willie in his kilt looks more female.

This tweet gives me total confidence in the ultimate triumph of the human race over the space aliens.

Well, at least the space aliens, being many lightyears away, won’t hear about Monkeypox Pride Month for many years, not until long after I’m gone.

As for you young ‘uns, well, best of luck! After all, sending an interstellar fleet of conquest will likely take centuries if not millennia, so there’s nothing to worry about.


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