Mr. President, We Must Close the Gunshot Gap!
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Earlier: Estimate: Gun Murders Up 31% in 2020 Over 2019

From USA Today, we learn of another way that whites are racist: by not doing those things often enough that would provoke other people to murder them:

Young Black men and teens are killed by guns 20 times more than their white counterparts, CDC data shows

Nada Hassanein

Young Black men and teens made up more than a third of firearm homicide victims in the USA in 2019, one of several disparities revealed in a review of gun mortality data released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The analysis, titled “A Public Health Crisis in the Making,” found that although Black men and boys ages 15 to 34 make up just 2% of the nation’s population, they were among 37% of gun homicides that year.

That’s 20 times higher than white males of the same age group.

The CDC’s homicide stats do a better job of straightening out the race/ethnicity of victims than do the FBI’s stats, in which 93% of Hispanics are lumped in with whites. But the CDC totally sidesteps the politically incorrect topic of who is pulling the trigger in those homicides.

Of all reported firearm homicides in 2019, more than half of victims were Black men, according to the study spearheaded by the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Sixty-three percent of male victims were Black.

The contrast is even more stark when the rates were compared with white people: Across all ages, Black men were nearly 14 times more likely to die in a firearm homicide than white men, and eight times more likely to die in a firearm homicide than the general population, including women.

Whites just aren’t doing their fair share for equity in getting themselves shot enough.

Black women and girls are also at higher risk. Black females had the highest risk of being killed by a firearm than females of any other race or ethnicity, and they were four times more likely to be victims than white females.

Other statoids from the report:

There was a 66x difference in risk of firearm homicide between Black males and Asian females (the highest and lowest risk demographics, respectively). …

Firearm Homicide Trends, 2000-2019

• More than 14,000 people were killed by firearm homicide in 2019, capping two decades during which more than 200,000 lives were lost to firearm homicide, more Americans than were lost in World War I and Vietnam combined.

• After years of decline (from 2006-2011), the firearm homicide rate fluctuated before an
astronomical rise from 2014 to 2015.

• Over the last 20 years, the most recent four years have been the deadliest. The highest firearm homicide rate occurred in 2017, followed by 2016, 2019, 2018, and 2006.

• The largest single-year increase in the firearm homicide rate was from 2014 to 2015, when the rate increased 18%. Another substantial jump in the firearm homicide rate occurred the following year, from 2015 to 2016, when the rate increased 11%.

It’s almost as if in the two years after Ferguson (August 2014) and the beginning of the First BLM ERA, the media and the Obama Administration were, in effect, egging blacks on to shoot each other in even higher numbers than normal during the first half of the 2010s.

• The lowest firearm homicide rate over the last 20 years was in 2014, three years prior to the peak.

In other words, The Establishment got complacent and decided the time for law and order was no longer needed, what was now needed was to stir up black anger and resentment.

• The next lowest firearm homicide rates occurred in 2011, 2013, 2010, and 2000.

• The increase from the lowest to highest firearm homicide rate (occurring in 2014 and 2017,
respectively) was 31%.

I don’t see one word in the report or the USA Today write-up about the demographics of the homicide victims’ victimizers. But here’s an informative graph if you can decode the intentionally confusing color coding (whites are black, blacks are pink, etc.):

This graph might almost give a hint why cops are more likely to profile young black men more than young white men: if young blacks on average are 20x more likely than young whites to be shot dead, then they are at least 20x more likely to shoot somebody dead.

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