Nashville Trans Shooter's "Manifesto" Still Unreleased
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Last week’s podcast included a segment about the transsexual woman who shot up a school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three adults and three children. I remarked that:

When police searched the shooter’s home after the event they found a manifesto she’d written. It’s usual in such cases for a document like that to be made public so that citizens might understand what drives someone to such a dreadful deed.

In this case, however, the manifesto is being kept under lock and key. News reports have been telling us repetitively for two weeks that it is, quote, ”under review” by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. That must be a very intensive review.

Here we are more than a week further on, and there has still been no publication of the manifesto. I guess the FBI is still reviewing it.

The way it’s going, that manifesto could take as long for them to review as Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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