No-Go Zones in Berlin Noted
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Young Muslims continue their violent behavior across Europe. However the media appear shy about saying directly that significant numbers of Muslim immigrants are barbaric thugs, pursuing sharia through rioting and anarchy.

Vlad Tepes blog posted a TV news report from Berlin, where police are struggling to maintain order in certain areas with high levels of diversity. The talking head burbled through a disconnected introduction comparing American ghetto crime to current civil unrest in Germany where police cannot easily enter some immigrant neighborhoods. Interestingly, “no-go area” is the phrase used in German.

“There were always major problems with Arab youth,” reported one officer.

Another described miscreants who declared, “This is mine, this is our area. German police have nothing at all to decide here. Go away already, we’ll deal with things between us.” (Muslims don’t recognize German law because they want a worldwide caliphate ruled by sharia.)

One thing that should be learned from Islamic sociology is that the larger the percentage of Muslims in a non-Islamic society, the worse the level of Islo-anarchy.

A 2009 report from Germany showed in more detail how hostile “youth” target police to injure or kill.

Given the Europeans’ disastrous experience with Muslim immigration, a prudent nation would realize the danger of importing historic enemies and end the practice. Wouldn’t it?

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