NYT Is Shocked, Shocked About Stuyvesant HS Test Results
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Earlier (2019) NYT: ”How the Few Black and Hispanic Students at Stuyvesant High School Feel”

Stuyvesant and the other seven (IIRC) entrance exam high schools in New York City are among the small number of prominent educational institutions in the USA that practice no affirmative action. A group of mostly Jewish rich old grads who are grateful for what getting into Stuyvesant did for them have so far blocked most of the attempts over the last 50 years to institute quotas, so Stuyvesant remains a rare school that only cares about the entrance test score.

Race quotas are impolite to mention, as is rising Asian Supremacy, so the NYT is annually shocked, shocked by Stuyvesant’s test results in which Asians turn out vastly more successful than blacks. But the Asian dominance gets short shrift because it just doesn’t fit within The Narrative about White Racism.

From the New York Times news section, the umpty-umpth story on the race gap in admissions to the famous public STEM Stuyvesant High exam school:

Stuyvesant High School Admitted 762 New Students. Only 7 Are Black.

By Troy Closson
June 2, 2023

About 10 percent of offers to New York City’s most elite public high schools went to Black and Latino students this year, education officials announced on Thursday, in a school system where they make up more than two-thirds of the student population overall.

The numbers—which have remained stubbornly low for years—placed a fresh spotlight on racial and ethnic disparities in the nation’s largest school system.

At Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, the most selective of the city’s so-called specialized schools, seven of the 762 offers made went to Black students, down from 11 last year and eight in 2021. Twenty Latino students were offered spots at Stuyvesant, as were 489 Asian students and 158 white students. The rest went to multiracial students and students whose race was unknown....

The schools also represent perhaps the highest-profile symbol of segregation across the system, where over the last decade, Black and Latino students have never received more than 12 percent of offers.

This year, 17 percent of eighth-graders who took the exam were white and 26 percent were Latino. But white students received more than four times as many offers.

White people—they ruin it for everybody!

Asians… Huh, who is talking about Asians? This isn’t about Asians. They’re a minority. OK, maybe Asians aren’t a minority on Planet Earth, but in New York City they are insignificant compared to New York’s hordes of Sherman McCoy IIIs.

Decades ago, the specialized schools tended to serve much larger proportions of Black and Latino students.

But then the Asians poured in.

What?!? You can’t say that! How could Asian immigrants have any deleterious impact on black and Latino hopes of qualifying for elite educational institutions. That’s unheard of!

Seriously, I’m often asked why I try to stay up to date on the science of racial differences in average cognitive test scores. It’s because IQ differences are the Occam’s Razor that explain countless headlines in the New York Times that might confuse and anger uninformed NYT subscribers.

If you are black and smart enough to test into public Stuyvesant HS, you might well get a free ride to private Horace Mann (6% black), Collegiate (7% black), Brearley (7%), Ethical Culture (Fieldston) (10%) or the like. Why go to Stuyvesant with Asian immigrant grinds when you could go to Dalton (9%) with the kids of celebrities and Masters of the Universe? Think of the much better vacations you’ll get invited upon.

And in the nationally representative ABCD database of 10,600 10-year-olds in 2016-18, Asians and Part Asians averaged 105.1 (with whites set to 100,) blacks 85.2, so an individual Asian would be about 23 times more like to score 125. Assuming for the sake of simplicity a standard deviation of 15, the median Asian scores at the 91st percentile of blacks.

Say it takes a 125 IQ to test into Stuyvesant HS. So an individual Asian would be about 23 times more like to score 125 than an individual black. It turns out Asians are about 64 times more likely to qualify for Stuyvesant. So maybe the cutoff score is higher or smart blacks don’t bother taking the test because they are already hooked up at Riverdale Country School (9% black), or because Asians are more fanatical about test prep.

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