Presidential Candidate Biden Thinks 150 Million Americans Have Been Killed By Guns In 13 Years, Or Something
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It can be hard to keep up with all the verbal bloopers of candidate Joe Biden, and his recent gun gaffe was a fine example. In the recent Democrat debate, he said that 150 million Americans had been killed by guns since 2007 — something which would be very noticeable.

Tucker Carlson is sure that Old Joe meant 150 thousand — but the goof shows how ragged things are getting among the 2020 Democrats as Super Tuesday looms. The urge is to cite the most extreme statistic — even a wrong one — as a quote that will show up on the news the next day.

Plus, gun grabbing is practically a religion among the left. They cannot imagine armed citizens in a free country — where’s the power and control in that?

Democrats really do have a different idea of how this nation should be run — with open borders and no way to defend yourself from illegal alien criminals.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans understand that the Second Amendment is vital to keeping the First and will not give up their rights as citizens.

The man below was one of the thousands of Second Amendment supporters who rallied in support of firearm possession in Richmond Virginia on January 20.

Tucker Carlson could not let the gun gaffe go without a discussion of how horrible the Democrats all are on the Second Amendment.

Spare video here.)

TUCKER CARLSON: Well during the Democratic debate last night, Joe Biden made a remarkable claim about the level of gun violence in this country. Watch:

JOE BIDEN: A hundred and fifty million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability, more than all the wars, including Vietnam, from that point on.

CARLSON: Vietnam? More than that? A hundred and fifty million. That’s almost half the country, dead in 10 years. That’s a lot of empty buildings.

Presumably Biden meant to say 150,000. That’s roughly the number of gun homicides in this country during that period. But Democrats are doing their best to drive that number up. How? By attacking police and letting criminals — real criminals — go free.

Instead of fighting gun violence by fighting actual criminals who are trying to destroy the NRA and take guns from people who didn’t vote for them with assault weapons ban.

Do assault weapons bans work? Well, there’s just been a big study on this question from Johns Hopkins, the Party of Science is ignoring it, but the answer is no. They don’t work. Not that they’ll stop trying to push somebody in.

Colion Noir is a Second Amendment advocate. He joins us tonight. Thanks so much for coming on. Have you noticed there seems to be a connection between the vehemence of gun control advocates and their lack of knowledge about firearms?

I mean, some of these people — Biden is a perfect example — don’t know what end the round comes out of. They don’t know what a muzzle is. And yet they’re sort of posing as experts. Am I imagining this?

COLION NOIR: No, you’re not imagining. It is exactly what they’re doing. And to me, that’s the most disheartening aspect of this. We’re talking about one of the most important constitutional rights in this country. But yet these individuals who are calling themselves leaders don’t know the first thing about the subject they’re talking about.

They just get their talking points, get in front of the camera, and then spew a bunch of misinformation to millions of people, and then the people believe it.

CARLSON: So what’s interesting is that the same people who lecture you constantly about science and climate change and look at the data, essentially ignore the data when it conflicts with their social engineering.

So Johns Hopkins, which I think is a legitimate institution, or was anyway, has a new study showing that assault weapons bans do not or there’s no evidence to show that they do reduce mass shootings.

So this would — and a lot of studies have shown, this including the Federal government’s own study, during the Clinton administration. Why is this not kind of death for assault weapons bans, they don’t work. So why are we still pushing them?

NOIR: Well, because of the agenda. At the end of the day, and I always go back to this point, because it’s their overall goal, which is control. They don’t really care about what the facts actually say.

What they want is to restrict the Second Amendment into oblivion. That’s the goal. And at this point in time, from what we’ve seen from all of the candidates that have been on stage talking about the Second Amendment and gun control, so forth and so on, and people talking about confiscating weapons.

At this point, we should all understand that. That they have an agenda to restrict the Second Amendment into oblivion. This isn’t about saving lives. This isn’t about trying to find a balance and having a conversation. Because if it was, they wouldn’t be talking about how they beat or destroy the NRA.

They’d be talking about, okay, well, how do we balance protecting people’s rights while trying to, you know, save lives in some manner that makes sense and that’s actually plausible, without taking away people’s constitutional rights, that as far as I’m concerned, I’m not willing to give up for the sake of saying, you know, what, I do feel a little bit safer, when I’m not actually safer.

And so that’s the problem with this conversation as a whole. They really don’t care. What they care about is gaining control.

CARLSON: Yes, controlling the population. Armed populations are to be controlled, and by the way, if they cared about gun violence, they would focus their efforts in places where gun violence is the biggest problem, but of course, they’re against that. It tells you everything.

Colion Noir, it’s great to see you.

NOIR: Absolutely.

CARLSON: No, please, finish up. Put a bow on it.

NOIR: Got you. So for them, it’s too multifaceted for them. They don’t actually want to do work. They don’t want to roll the sleeves up and get the job done, because when you talk about the places that have the most gun violence, it’s a socioeconomic issue. It’s not a gun issue.

Because if it were a gun issue, we’d see this violence widespread across the country. We don’t. It’s concentrated in very specific areas. And there’s a pattern to all of these areas that are not being addressed.

But that would require them to actually care and actually do work.

CARLSON: No, it’s true.

NOIR: They’ll go into these places, and they’ll say, oh, we’ll give you gun control and then leave and never show up again after election.

CARLSON: If someone’s trying to make you powerless and helpless, you should be nervous. That’s a sign — that’s not a good sign. I don’t think at all.

NOIR: It’s not a good sign.

CARLSON: Colion, great to see you. Thank you for that.

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