Questions For Ken Burns: "Have You Ever Thought About Doing A Documentary About What Caused White Flight?"
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From Marginal Revolution:

What should I ask Ken Burns?

by Tyler Cowen September 23, 2022 at 3:36 pm in Books Film History Television

I will be doing a Conversation with him…

Here are some questions I thought of:

Have you ever thought about doing a documentary on why so many millions of whites moved out of the big cities in the 1960s and the 1970s?

Were they wrong to do so?

Are their descendants wrong to move back and gentrify the cities?

There are millions of now aging people who decided to leave the big cities during the first big crime-wave era. Some would no doubt like to tell their stories of why they left. Why do you think the media has shown so little interest in asking them?

Could there could be some national healing if Ken Burns were to tell their stories?

In 1979 you were hard at work on your breakthrough Brooklyn Bridge documentary that came out in 1981, but you moved from crime-ridden New York to remote Walpole, New Hampshire, which is still 96% white in the 2020 Census. Would it be reasonable to call that an example of “white flight”?

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