Radio Derb Transcript Up: Explaining Discharge Petitions, The House And Immigration, And Europe's New Nationalism, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript for last Friday is up--go here to read or listen.

01m37s  From the congressional basement. (With a short lesson in Congressperanto.)

10m52s  The Four Pillars of Wisdom.  (What shall we get from the House?)

19m31s  The Senate, the President, and the National Question. (Some personnel issues.)

32m14s  The reconfiguring of Europe's politics. (Mass immigration shakes the kaleidoscope.)

35m09s  Gaia is angry. (Uh-oh.)

36m38s  Harvard's graduating class: a profile. (At least they drink.)

38m12s  A comprehensive discrimination story. (You read it here first.)

40m11s  Signoff. (Personifying the landscape ... or do I mean "personificating"?)

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