Radio Derb Transcript Up For April 7: Sound On Race And Sex, Trans School Shooters, Let Slip The Dogs Of Lawfare, And Hulks Again, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for April 7, 2023. Go here to read or listen.

02:03  Currents of social change.  (What are we thinking?)

12:19  Americans still sound on race and sex.  (Positives from a survey.)

16:40  Sexually confused school shooters.  (It’s a trend.)

23:33  AI, Musk, and Gates.  (It may not end with paperclips.)

30:56  Let slip the dogs of lawfare!  (Let’s play by their rules.)

33:22  Hulks again.  (Gesture politics in Britain.)

36:39  Finns into NATO.  (U.S.A. out… when?)

38:17  A win for anti-anti-whiteness.  (I.e., “hate.“)

40:44  A VIP makes a speech.  (Who is it?)

42:14  Signoff.  (All in the April evening.)

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