Radio Derb Transcript Up For June 14: Elections Past And Present, Flag Day, Put Out More Flags, And Above The Law, Etc
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The Radio Derb Transcript for June 14 is up—go here to read or listen.

00:53  Elections past and present. (1924, oh!)

05:30  Flag Day. (With anthrax brownies.)

11:14  Piling on Alito. (”Christian nationalism,” eek!)

17:37  Above the law.  (Nobody, I tell you, nobody!)

25:02  Who is Deep fine leg?  (Cricketing mysteries.)

29:48  Puerto Ricans are proud, too!  (Of what?)

32:36  Folger Library goes woke. (Decolonizing the Bard.)

34:55  Macron rolls the dice. (Euro vote fallout.)

36:42  Eurocrats make war. (On Hungary.)

38:17  Signoff. (With Sir Henry.)

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