Radio Derb Transcript Up For May 5: Black City Mayors, God Save The King!, Trust WHOSE Science? And Fighting By Tucker's Rules, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for May 5, 2023. Go here to read or listen.

01:40  New victims of racism: Black City Mayors. (Eric Adams explains.)

11:42  God save the King!  (The U.K.’s last years.)

16:40  Trust whose science?  (Merit is controversial.)

24:37  Sadness of lost causes.  (And those stuck in them.)

34:59  Ireland goes full totalitarian.  (Wrongthink outlawed.)

36:44  Fighting by Tucker’s rules.  (One on one.)

38:03  Fox’s post-Tucker ratings.  (A bloodbath.)

39:48  Signoff.  (For the ladies.)

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