"Refugee Influx A Humanitarian Hoax"—Joe Guzzardi's Letter
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Paul Nachman recently urged VDARE.com  readers to contribute to "immigration-related conversations online, making calmly-stated comments that will help open the eyes of our distracted fellow citizens."   Here's an example, a letter I wrote to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review in May, in response to an editorial that was actually on our side on the subject of the refugee scam:

Refugee influx a humanitarian hoax

Letter to the Editor

Friday, May 13, 2016

I lived in Guatemala for many years. Guatemala is, along with El Salvador and Honduras, one of the three Central American countries sending alleged “unaccompanied minors” to the U.S.

As your editorial points out, however, the aliens are neither unaccompanied nor minors, but rather mostly teenage males (“Refugees ruse: An illegals pipeline” ).

In frequent conversations with my sisters, adult nieces and nephews — all still in Guatemala — they're unanimous in their conviction that what the United Nations and President Obama label as a humanitarian crisis is rather a cruel hoax on taxpayers, who must fund the ongoing invasion.

Advocates have coached the aliens to claim, once they arrival on U.S. soil, that they have a “credible fear of persecution” and are fleeing life-threatening violence. But my family has told me repeatedly that violence is no more common in Central America today that it ever has been.

Now the fraud has another shameless, costly dimension: Certain aliens will be flown from Central America to the U.S. to rejoin their parents, often also aliens, and thus compounding the nation's disastrous illegal immigration problem.

“Remaking America,” indeed!

Joe Guzzardi

Bradford Woods

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