Rich Lowry fires John Derbyshire
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Lowry's statement in National Review.

Does anybody read National Review anymore? After my freshman year in high school, the school librarian called me in and said, "We have to throw out old magazines to make room, so, would you like the 1969-1971 issues of National Review?" I ecstatically read all of them in the summer of '73. 

But that was a very long time ago. About a month ago, I realized that I had stopped visiting National Review's website in recent years. Not a conscious decision, just that as I scanned down all my links, I never felt an urge to click on the NR link. The last month or so I made a conscious effort to visit it a few times. But, the content proved forgettable.

The three editors of National Review have been William F. Buckley, John O'Sullivan, and Rich Lowry. That progression may explain much.

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